The Management of Thema, for its activity of provision of services for the medical and related sector, considers Quality a strategic tool for the achievement of excellence, an objective to be pursued in all the activities of the organization and a criterion for prevention and involvement of both internal and external collaborators.

For the above, Thema Management intends to pursue a modern quality management through an adequate organizational structure and an optimal organization of resources; this in order to achieve the satisfaction of its customers and the establishment of an effective collaboration with them and with suppliers in order to achieve maximum efficiency through the integration of different skills.

In this context, the Management is committed to operating in substantial compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485, ISO 21001 and applicable regulatory requirements, and to acting in accordance with the principles of social responsibility in order to make an active and voluntary contribution to improving the social, economic and social environment in which the organisation operates.

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With this Quality Policy, the Management also declares its utmost commitment to the pursuit by the entire organisation of:

  • the maximum satisfaction of Clients, Learners, Beneficiaries of the products/services provided by the organisation and of the Interested Parties involved, meeting their expectations and requirements, also with regard to the education and training of Learners, including special needs.
  • Compliance with binding national and international regulations and technical standards.
  • The pursuit of the fulfilment of requirements and the maintenance of effectiveness as well as the continuous improvement of the performance of the Quality Management System, processes and services.
  • attention to relevant developments in the educational/training, scientific and technical fields.
  • the optimal management of intellectual property.
  • the involvement of all personnel and the exhortation to act through compliance with the Quality Management System.
  • the education and training of personnel as strategic activities and essential conditions for the realisation of continuous improvement within the organisation.

The Management, based on the data relative to the Clients, Learners, Beneficiaries and Interested Parties’ needs and, where possible, with regards to the comparisons with the ability of the best competitors, annually establishes the areas and sectors on which to intervene as a priority to achieve Quality in all areas of the organisation, adequately defining the relative objectives.

The Management is committed to ensuring that this Quality Policy is understood, implemented and supported at every level of the organisation, considering that the achievement and maintenance of the envisaged objectives is bound to the constant and active collaboration of all the organisation’s personnel.


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