The health reform encourages  foreign investors, focusing on creating private facilities, obesity fight and elderly assistance

New Chinese national policies anticipate the needs of the population based on demographic development and drive new strategies. Health China 2030, among other programs, opens the doors to foreign investors to create health facilities, allowing them to own 100% of the shares and aiming to have more private structures than public ones by 2020.

As for the products importation from Italy, constraints are still stringent, although currently joint ventures and pilot programs are easier to implement, thanks to intermediary dedicated bodies.

Moreover, the Italian-Chinese cooperation includes the health sector among the five crucial areas of development, as evidenced by a 95% increase of beds in little more than a decade in China.

The Chinese government also identified the priority needs that will guide efforts and investments: first of all elderly assistance and secondly obesity and diabetes prevention and fight.


Source: Il Sole24Ore