Thema CORP, the US-based Thema subsidiary, is pleased to announce its recent membership in the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and LSPA, the statewide trade association for the Commonwealth’s life sciences industry.

Thema, part of Complife Group, is a fast-growing Company that provides strategic regulatory consulting services to operators producing or distributing Medical Devices (MD) and in Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices (IVD) on national and international markets. Thema’s mission is to provide customer support in achieving its sales goals thanks to a reliable and competent partnership in the regulatory field.

This strategic partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and LSPA is the result of Thema’s strong commitment to collaboration with local associations to support expansion and innovation in the U.S. life sciences market.

These partnerships will enable Thema to establish strong relationships with local businesses and promote innovation and growth in the life sciences sector through educational programs, networking events, advocacy and business support, allowing it to increase its visibility and influence in the local market.

Partnering with these two U.S. associations represents a significant step for Thema in consolidating its presence in the U.S. life sciences market.
We are confident that these memberships will not only enable us to better serve our clients, but also allow us to forge meaningful new ties and explore new opportunities for growth.

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