THEMA provides strategic-regulatory consulting services to companies operating in the medical device, in vitro diagnostic medical device, and related regulated fields. THEMA aims to help its Clients to achieve their own marketing goals by using a reliable, competent and regulatory-specialized partner.

THEMA offers training services in this field by supporting the development of expertise through teaching, learning, or research, regardless of type, size, or method of delivery.

THEMA supports national and foreign companies with different needs, projects, opportunities and goals who want to place their devices on national and international markets in compliance with regulations. THEMA is also alongside Learners, other Beneficiaries and staff involved in the training.

Thanks to their professionalism and expertise, our staff are able to perfectly understand the needs, products and projects of Clients, Learners, Beneficiaries and other parties involved, by acting effectively, and in the most appropriate way. Our branches, partners, and trainers work together with us to seek the solution that best fits the specific needs of the parties involved while also protecting their interests.


THEMA is passionately dedicated to saving the lives and preserving the health of men, women, children and animals. For this reason, we provide our Clients with innovative and valuable services which enable them to market increasingly safe and effective quality products.

THEMA wants to be part of a system oriented towards the spread of information and education in the medical field.

Our goal is to help people and animals around the world access appropriate care, treatment, and products and to make a significant and lasting impact in the areas in which we operate.