Due to the Covid-19 medical emergency, the Indonesian Ministry of Health has simplified the procedures in order to facilitate the import of medical equipments.

Indonesia simplified COVID-19 import procedures
Simplified COVID-19 import procedures

Previously, imports of medical equipments had to have a distribution permit or a special access scheme permit (SAS) from the Ministry of Health.
Now importers must get a recommendation from the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB).

According to the regulations issued by the Ministry of Health (Regulation n. 7, year 2020 on the Amendment to the Regulation MOH n. 51 of the 2014 on the import of Medical Devices through the Special Access Scheme of March 27, 2020 and Decree number HK.01.07, year 2020) for the distribution of specific Medical Devices, in vitro diagnostic medical devices and domestic medical supplies, used for the Covid-19 emergency, it is not necessary a marketing authorization license or a special access scheme (SAS).

In order to get a BNPB recommendation, importers have to fill out the application form on the Indonesia National Single Window website and upload the required documents.
Afterwards, following the document examination, importers are informed of the refusal or approval of the recommendation.

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