Professionalization and refresher training

The market of Medical Devices is becoming increasingly complex and requires companies operating in the field to possess specific professional skills and multidisciplinary competencies.
The development and evolution of national and international regulatory frameworks shall require companies manufacturing and/or trading Medical Devices and IVDs to have an in-house Qualified Person, whose requisites shall be defined in relation to professional experience and knowledge background.
Our great know-how makes us the ideal partners for companies who wish to train their professional staff in the field, as we can assure optimisation of times and resources.
We collaborate with the most renowned international Universities to provide master courses and training for those who wish to approach our industry.

Recent graduates and operators in the field of regulatory affairs : POST-GRADUATE MASTER COURSES

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A tangible help for the operators in the sector

MD24 meets the needs connected with knowledge and analysis of the regulatory field. A unique and reliable on-line source, always updated in real time, exclusively focused on Medical Devices and IVD.

A web portal, news and useful tools to understand the operational information which may be personalised based on the Countries of interest, the manufacturing industries and most relevant classifications.

Companies : ON-DEMAND COURSES for specific company requirements or multi-client courses on current topics

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